Safety is our top priority

KABU Ride is a legal ride-hailing platform in British Columbia (BC), committed to providing safe, reliable, and transparent transportation services to customers. We rigorously screen drivers and vehicles, provide commercial insurance, and ensure your safety while traveling. With KABU Ride, you can travel with peace of mind.


KABU Ride is a legal ride-hailing service platform in British Columbia, Canada, and complies with relevant regulations and standards set by the provincial government. Drivers and vehicles must pass strict audits and certifications, including vehicle inspections, insurance, and driver background checks, to provide services.


KABU Ride has established a mutual evaluation mechanism for drivers and passengers. Both can evaluate each other's services and behaviour, effectively pushing service providers to improve their quality of service and providing passengers with a reference standard for choosing good drivers.


KABU provides multilingual customer support during working hours for passengers and drivers to communicate about any trip-related issues. KABU's customer service team promptly collects and handles issues to ensure a good trip experience for passengers.


The KABU Ride app can track the locations of passengers and drivers in real-time, and passengers can view the route and fare when ordering, avoiding opaque fees.


KABU Ride provides commercial insurance for passengers, covering driver and vehicle liabilities as well as passenger safety. This provides passengers with additional safety assurance.