KABU Business Portal

KABU RIDE is the first local ride-hailing service company in Canada to obtain an operating license for the entire province of British Columbia. Our mission is to address the daily transportation needs of Canadians. As of 2022, KABU RIDE has provided over 2 million rides to more than 200,000 customers.

Multilingual Services

KABU Ride’s application is available in multiple languages in some service areas, including Greater Vancouver. We match drivers who speak the language you need for your ride.

Service Types

In addition to the cost-effective Economy car service for daily transportation needs, we also offer a range of services, including large-capacity vehicles for up to six passengers, and luxurious vehicles for executive transportation.

Safe Rides

KABU Ride strictly verifies the qualifications of our drivers and vehicles. We also provide commercial insurance coverage to ensure the safety of your employees or clients during rides.

Cost Management

Review historical order details to confirm the cost breakdown and provide your finance team with detailed reports to help you optimize your company’s financial management and reduce unnecessary expenses.

KABU Business Portal

User-Friendly Interface

Once your company creates a business account, employees can use the KABU Business Portal to request rides and select service levels. The cost of the trip is charged directly to the corporate account, eliminating the need for complex reimbursement processes and allowing you and your employees to focus on work.

Powerful & Simple

We offer various solutions for corporate transportation needs, including high-quality vehicles, real-time or pre-scheduled services, and customized solutions. We effectively reduce or eliminate the cost of operating/maintaining company-owned vehicles or shuttle services. Whether you need employee benefits, office commuting, group travel, executive transportation, event transportation, business trips, or transportation from Victoria to Vancouver, we can provide a tailored solution.

Opportunities for Optimized User Experience

The KABU Business Portal simplifies and manages your company's transportation needs in Greater Vancouver and Victoria, saving time and reducing costs. Streamlined ride experiences increase productivity and efficiency while saving time and energy spent on expense reports. With policy and payment settings, departmental or team management, and order history reports, you can understand your company's ground transportation needs.

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If you are interested in improving your company's transportation experience through digitalization, please contact us.